About Maths2Art.

Maths2Art is a ‘social startup’ which believes in making Maths Simple & Visual.

Maths2Art is not a tuition centre, it is a centre for Guided Discovery.​ ​We proudly train our students for self study!
There is a lot of pain and anxiety associated with Maths education which creates stress for students/parents. At Maths2Art, we focus on eliminating this stress and providing the joy of learning.

Our​ ​values

● Create the desire for learning
● Impart the art of problem solving
● Ignite curiosity with interesting history of Maths Concepts
● Encourage creativity through visual stories
● Nurture intuition by connecting the concepts to real life examples

Social​ ​Impact

● Sponsoring education for needy children at Serkong School
● Supporting school financially to improve the facilities
A program for undergraduates/postgraduates to
● Produce creative content under the guidance of Maths2Art Mentors
● Uncover the hidden beauty & utility of Maths


At Maths2Art, we have successfully tested our Guided Discovery way of teaching and students have experienced Joy of Learning. Happy students have secured improved grades and excelled in various competitive exams.


Make ‘Joy of Learning’ an integral part of Maths education.


Ignite curiosity, encourage creativity and nurture intuition.

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