Maths2Art is 3 !!!

It gives me immense joy that today, Maths2Art is known as ‘a centre for guided discovery’ where students develop genuine interest in the subject via stories, drawings & discussions and experience the ‘joy of learning’. We proudly train our students for self-study.

There is a lot of stress and anxiety associated with Maths. At Maths2Art, we focus on eliminating this stress and providing the joy of learning.

People often ask me – How do you want it to grow further, how do you want to reach more people out there. This is what I feel.

‘How big’ is not the main aim, ‘how pure’ is the first priority.

I do not want to expand this at the cost of diluting the idea. The day I meet people who respect the sanity/purity of education just like me, I will make it big beyond any boundaries.

I registered Maths2Art 3 years back in Singapore. Although Maths2art got its name just 3 years back it has been there for the last 19 years, in a different form but with the same values.

As I look back, I feel happy and contented that teaching Maths has been a part of my life for quite a long time. Let me tell you the story of Maths2art, even before it was born.

Maths2Art: Gestation Period of 16 long years !

I started teaching in 1999, right after my grade 12 and I started with grade 12 students! A big thanks to my first batch of students as well as their parents for the trust they put in me that time.

Ever since, teaching has always been a part of my life. I have taught nearly everyone around me – family, friends, colleagues, even husband 😉 I still remember the topic which I taught my husband – Baye’s Theorem in Probability. He had his CFA exam & I got a fan (of my teaching skill in a simple and visual way) for the life time.

After completing Masters in Mathematics (2005), I started working in the Financial sector. During this period, I did a few Actuarial courses to learn more about Financial Mathematics. In 2014, I took a break from my full time Investment banking job and my Maths journey sprouted back in the form of helping a lot of friends and neighbours! And then, in 2015, Maths2art was born, with a proper name and registration.

I have always enjoyed learning. I started learning the principles of Machine Learning/ AI in 2016. I did a few courses on Coursera and got a good idea about this interesting field. Maths2Art was still running in the backdrop 🙂 By the third quarter of 2016, I got an opportunity to work with an amazing team in NTU, computer science department. This project was based on sentiment analysis. I really enjoyed the learning phase there.

This was the time though, when I found myself at a very difficult cross-road of life. On one hand, I was enjoying Machine Learning at NTU and had an option to pursue Phd. On the other hand, I was getting huge satisfaction in my Math journey, I was able to instill the joy of learning and remove Math anxiety in students. I had reached a stage where I had to choose one. This was not an easy decision but was definitely worth going through that phase of self digging. After mulling over this thought for quite some time, finally I chose Maths2Art over NTU research project.

Must say, quite a long gestation period. Or, we can say that Maths2Art was in hibernation mode and was waiting for the right time.

How did Maths2art get it’s name?

The gestation period was almost over and I was looking for an apt name for my baby (company). My best partners in this Maths journey, my students helped me. They gave me feedbacks that I was not just a Math teacher, I was an Art teacher too as I taught them how to make a picture out of word problems, how to see the hidden beauty in the subject . We finalised the name ‘Maths2Art’ amongst a few other choices. The tag line was quite obvious as that was precisely what I had been doing for the last 19 years – Making Maths Simple & Visual.

Looking forward to ignite curiosity, encourage creativity and nurture intuition at Maths2Art for many more years to come!

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