NDP 2021, Singapore

Happy 56th National Day, Singapore.

This year, to celebrate the event, Maths2art explored the use of mathematical functions and relations, collaborated with the students and recreated the official NDP 2021 logo.

Click on the logo to see the maths equations behind the scenes.

Sahil Bhargava, a graduate from UWCSEA East took up this challenge and converted Maths to Art via Desmos.

Description :
The interplay between Math and Art is incredibly interesting.

This logo embodies the versatility of Maths to create the Merlion, an iconic symbol of our Singaporean heritage.

The use of transformations on numerous types of functions were assembled and bound perfectly together to trace out a Merlion, creating our NDP 2021 logo.

Sahil has used multiple functions:
1) linear,
2) polynomials (quadratic, cubic and quartic),
3) exponential and
4) many more relations: rotating ellipses & polynomials.

Click on the logo to see the maths equations behind the scenes.

Desmos provides tools to map regressions and an intuitive interface to transform complex polynomials.
However due to repetitiveness of the numerous functions, Sahil created programs in Java and Python to save time. One of such programs was a Java program which takes two co-ordinate points as inputs and gives the linear function bounded between those two points as output. By listing a table of points, the program was able to reduce graphing time tenfold.

Together, we are Making Maths Simple & Visual!

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