What is Maths2Art?

Our brain stores all the data in the form of images. In other words, it is easy for us to retrieve the data which was saved in picture form. That is the reason, we never forget our first cricket bat, our first doll, etc. As soon as we think about it, the image just appears in front of our eyes.

Why are we talking about it on Maths2Art page? Well, our main idea of teaching is that if we can associate images with our learning, we will never forget our academic subjects as well.

For example – If B’s salary is 60% of A’s salary. We want our students to be able to visualize it. We would associate a picture and convert the Maths into Art.
B = 60% of A
B = 60/100 of A
B = 3/5 of A


If our students learn to draw it like Art, we guarantee that they will never forget this concept. Whenever they encounter something similar, this picture will reappear in front of them.

Most of my students say, “You are not just a Maths teacher, you are an Art teacher as well. You teach us how to draw Maths.”

We, at Maths2Art firmly believe that the essence of Maths is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple.

Come & join us in making maths Simple & Visual @ Maths2Art!!

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