Sneak Peek into the Life of Pi !

Most students learn about Circles in Grade 5 or Grade 6 and this is how we usually introduce this topic to them. We draw a circle, show them the center and radius and then we give them the formula for circumference and area. Then, we tell them that π is 22/7 or 3.14 I feel that... Continue Reading →

Computational Thinking Contest

Dear Parents, It's a pleasure to introduce you to Bebras Challenge (Computational Thinking Contest). Who can join: Primary 1 to Junior College (Grade 1 to Grade 12) When: 28, 29, 30 April 2017 (Private Candidates) You can choose the day of the competition in this period. Office hours: 12 pm - 7 pm (28 April), 10... Continue Reading →

A conversation on Division by Fractions!

I have been planning to write an article on 'Division by Fractions' for the past few days. My thoughts were clear, the conversations with the students were well stored in my mind, but somehow, this article was still waiting in the 'to-do list'. Recently, I got a chance to meet Professor Ron Aharoni and attend... Continue Reading →

Zero in Division: quite a tricky affair ;)

Kids learn division in their primary school and find it quite easy and doable. But when they encounter a zero in division, either in the numerator or denominator or both, it gets a bit tricky. Here is my humble attempt to develop the basic intuition ( for Primary/Lower secondary students) for these cases with the... Continue Reading →

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