Maths2Art Workshop for Mums!

We have received good feedback from parents about our Guided Discovery way of teaching. Few parents have enthusiastically shown interest to know more about it.

We, at Maths2Art are a big time supporter of self study and we would like to empower the parents with the right way of teaching Maths so that they can guide their children.

We will cover below topics in this workshop.


  • to develop thinking skill
  • to differentiate between Knowing vs Understanding
  • to make a word problem visual
  • to have a Math talk with your children

We will also share few Math stories and pointers to the Math literature.

After this workshop, you will be part of a closed group where you can post any query related to math education. We will surely be your active supporters while you are educating your child/children.

Wish you happy parenting and joy of learning to your children.

Please fill this form to register for this workshop.

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