A-Z Workshops@Maths2Art!

Abstract Algebra

Broadening Binomials

Captivating Circles

Compelling Complex Numbers

Doting Decimals

Eccentric Ellipse

Flimsy Fractions

Fun with Functions

Genuine Geometry

Hyperbola Hyperbole

Intriguing Indices

Joy of Learning

Kinematics moves me!

Log of Log

Mighty Matrices

Number Sense

Numerical Number Theory

Opulent Optimization

Powerful Percentages

Parable on Parabola

Quintessential Quadratic Functions

Roaring Ratios

Slithering Sequences

Terrific Trigonometry

Utility of Math in Real World

Valiant/Voracious Vectors

Win over word problems

Why vs. How!

X is missing, find X 😉

Yearning for Learning

Zestful Zeno’s Paradoxes


Lets get hands-on experience of our Mathematical tool box in our workshops!

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