Math Playground

How many children struggle with Maths because of the lack of a solid numerical efficiency?

When a child is not confident about his/her mental calculations, it affects his/her overall engagement with Maths Learning. It hampers the comfort level with Maths learning.
To help solve this problem, we are planning to run Maths Tournament once a Month.

Day – Last Saturday of the Month

Time – 3 to 4:30 pm

Bring along – Laptop/Tablet

Fee – $25

Please use this registration form to attend this tournament

Maths Tournament Registration form

Learning Outcomes : Be efficient with calculations like this in an interesting and engaging manner!

  • 7 x 9 = ?
  • 48 / 6 = ?
  • – 8 – 5 = ?
  • – 12 ( -3) = ?
  • 1/2 x ? = 3/4
  • 2.3 + ? = 5
  • 15/2.5 =?

If you cannot join us for our tournaments, don’t lose your heart. Just explore Math Playground website ( and you will be able to create these Math tournaments for your neighbours & friends.

I found this website very useful. It’s pretty simple to use
and quite engaging. It’s kid-friendly and has well-designed games for solo/group players.

Wish you all joy of learning!

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