Maths2Art – a centre for Guided Discovery !

Maths2Art is not a tuition centre, it is a centre for Guided Discovery.

Lot of people ask me, “I have heard about you. You take Maths tuition, right ?”

Thanks to such questions, I got a strong reason to dig deeper and get a clearer picture of Maths2Art.

What am I doing @Maths2Art?

I am trying  to cover few very basic maths concepts in a non – ritualistic manner.

When I say non – ritualistic, it becomes very important for me to first tell you what I mean by ritualistic maths.

Rituals – A series of actions performed in a predescribed order, sometimes even without knowing the reason behind it.

Let me show you an example of ritualistic Maths – Add 3/4 & 4/5.

We tell our children to take LCM of 4 & 5 and then multiply 3 by 5, 4 by 4 and so on……I call it the ritualistic method of teaching.

Rituals are everywhere around us. Rituals are interesting only if we know the reason behind them but they get monotonous if we don’t understand the logic behind them.

If we JUST TELL our children the methods to solve questions without explaining them the reason/logic behind it, it will be just like those monotonous rituals.

Rituals can be followed diligently but they can’t create interest.

I believe that education should ignite curiosity, encourage creativity and nurture intuition.

Let me show you an example of non-ritualistic Maths :

I would encourage my students to SEE what 3/4 and 4/5 LOOKS LIKE and then decide what needs to be done to add them. (See it!) Calculation wise, they will still follow the similar steps but this visual exercise would ignite their curiosity, encourage creativity and nurture their intuition.

Why am I doing this @Maths2Art ?

Education builds our personality. And, Maths Education plays a huge role in building great reasoning skills, amazing logical attitude, intuition and creativity.

The main aim of education is not just to get good grades and happily move to the next class.

Education has a broader perspective.

I believe that ‘Joy of learning should be the most important output of any education system.”

This cannot be achieved by spoon-feeding way of education.

We need to let our children experience the concepts through the method of ‘Guided Discovery’. Math is not to be accepted. It is to be understood. Let them understand it through visuals, maths stories or whatever way they understand it. They should be able to see the Maths concepts around them otherwise it will be just a useless subject for them. And, it is not easy to develop interest in learning something Useless.  

To learn more about our ‘Guided Discovery’ way of teaching, you can join our workshops for parents/teachers so that you can help your children in the best possible way.

What should you expect out of these workshops?

You would be able to:

  • Remove rituals from Maths Education
  • Convince your children that Math is not a USELESS subject.
  • Ignite the curiosity, encourage creativity and nurture intuition in our children.
  • Empower them to create their own Maths Stories.
  • Enable them to master the art of Maths Drawings

Let’s build a new way of mathematical education together to bring the best out of our children.

The Guided Discovery Way !

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  1. I would strongly feel the primary math education system must be such that the kids will enjoy the learning process instead of just memorising some standardised steps and formula. Many kids simply want get rid of the subject Mathematics from the very early stage of their educational life. Maths2art truely shows a new dimension to math learning process. I am very sure that if this kind of techniques can be adopted at the very beginning then the kids will love maths and they by themselves will discover new innovative ways of solving problems.


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