Maths2Art Workshops

Have you seen a plumber doing his job ?
And have you seen his amazing toolbox with an array of tools that he uses so efficiently ?

To be the best in his job, the plumber needs to know :

  • The application of every tool in the toolbox
  • The limitation of every tool in the toolbox
  • Which tools can be used together
  • Which tools can not be used together

Will the plumber be able to work efficiently without hands-on knowledge of the tools ?

This is the example of problem solving that I give to my students – To become a good Problem Solver you need to get your hands dirty with your Mathematical Tool Box.

Our workshops are a medium to get hands-on experience of our various Mathematical tools. Come and join us to become a Problem Solver!

Here are the links to some of our most popular workshops. Hope to see you soon in our engaging workshops where we make Maths simple and visual !

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