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Hello parents/teachers,

Happy to share a tried and tested idea to develop interest, excitement and curiosity in students for learning Algebra. This keeps our students fully engaged in our Algebra workshop. Hope it helps your children/students as well.

Introduce your children to Math tricks and teach them how to decode the tricks. Encourage them to create their own tricks using the power of Algebra.

One sample trick to start with

1. Think of a number
2. Add 2
3. Multiply by 5
4. Subtract 10
5. Divide by 5

And, there you go! That’s your number!


How are we doing it @Maths2Art?

We have some very interesting Mathmagic trick cards. Students do not get these trick cards as a part of the workshop. They need to earn it by learning the required principles of Algebra. They get to create their trick cards once they understand any particular trick in and out.

In the beginning of the workshop, we tell them that we can read your mind (with the help of Algebra).

Students do not agree easily and accept this read your mind challenge.

We present a simple trick (starting from any number, and reaching back to the same number) in front of them and they get amazed.


Now comes the desire to understand the trick. We tell them that once they learn the basics of Algebra, they can decode the trick and can make many more of such tricks themselves.

This is a good incentive to start learning Algebra and there is no comeback.

Once they are able to decode any particular trick, they earn the signature card “Mathmagician XYZ @Maths2Art

Here are 2 sample tricks from an interesting book “Train your brain”

I would encourage you to try this idea with your children/ students and let us know if it charges them up for learning Algebra. Your feedback will surely help us in this journey of Making Maths Simple & Visual.

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