The Mini Maths Library @Maths2Art !

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘She’s studying Math’ ?
Frantic scribbles of complex formulae or crazy numbers and equations that will make you run for your life! Am I right ? 😉

Most students get so engrossed in ‘solving’ Math that they often miss out on the most important skill imparted by Math education, the Thinking Skill.

At Maths2art, we believe that

Literature is a very useful tool to ignite the abstract thinking skill.

There are many Maths books which do not have any problems, any equations. These books encourage children to think; they give an opportunity to dive into your imagination and ignite your creativity.

I strongly promote such books at Maths2Art. We have set up a mini library at Maths2art and our students enjoy reading these books as an integral part of their Maths Learning Sessions. These reading sessions create a good background for one of our favourite modules “Lets talk about Math”.

After getting a lot of positive responses for this library, I decided to share it with a bigger audience, all of you!

Here are few of the books from the Maths2Art Library, there are many more in our wish list!

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-25 at 17.42.51

Let me showcase a few books from our mini library.

There is a huge variety of Maths Literature available for 16+ year old students. I have listed very few here, once children enjoy the taste of reading such books, they will find the huge list themselves.


Some of these books have a capacity to engage children as young as 7 – 8 years old. 30 – 40 pages, not more than 10 minutes read, this is surely a good start to read about Maths, to talk about Maths, to befriend Maths.


In our constant search of interesting material related to Maths education, we came across this treasure. These books are filled with art activities to uncover the hidden beauty of the language of the universe – Maths.


There are many more interesting/creative books out there. Very soon, Maths2Art students will be writing reviews for such books so that people can get a better idea about these books. And, students’ reviews should help parents/teachers in deciding which book is a good fit for their children/students.

Making Maths Simple & Visual @ Maths2Art !

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