Let’s talk about Maths!

Unfortunately, Math is taking shape of just a utilitarian subject which is important to master so that we can clear few entrance exams.

At Maths2Art, we firmly believe that Maths is not just a toolbox to calculate sale discounts, interest rates etc.

We need to work hard to expand this narrow definition of Maths.

We need to show that Math develops thinking capacity, math makes us a lover of truth & beauty.

I believe, good math education can provide us rational thinkers, minimalist and truth lovers. Surely, society is in need of such people.

Highlights of this session

  • Interesting history of Maths concepts to ignite curiosity
  • Visual stories to improve understanding of Maths
  • Real life usage of Maths to develop interest in Maths

Let’s utilize Maths Education for bigger purpose than just calculating the Sales discount, Interest Calculations etc.

Let’s uncover the hidden beauty of Maths together for greater benefits to mankind.

We are planning to arrange this monthly Math Concert in many universities. Please do connect us to the right people.

Please fill this form if you would like to know about the future date/venue for this Math Concert.

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