Time to ‘Think’!

This page is to help parents/teachers in improving thinking skill in their children/students.

These questions might not be purely mathematical but they will definitely test your IQ and make you think…

Education builds our personality. And, Maths Education plays a huge role in building great reasoning skills, amazing logical attitude, intuition and creativity.

The purpose of these questions is to initiate the much needed ‘Maths talks’ between you and your child/student. Please do not rush towards the solution.Take time to get engaged in mindful discussions.

If your child finds these questions too easy, you can ask them to create an advanced version of these problems. On the other hand, if these problems are too complicated then try to come up with your own baby (simpler) problems.

Lets get them thinking as this is the most important output of any education system!

Q1. Two mothers and two daughters shared $300. Each received $100. How is this possible?

Q2. Solomon and David played poker between them and the stake for each game is $1. At the end of their games, Solomon won $3 and David won 3 games. How many games were played?

Q3. A bottle of lemonade costs 40 cents and the lemonade costs 30 cents more than the bottle. How much does the empty bottle and the lemonade each cost?

Q4. Joe recalled before closing his geometry book that the product of the page numbers was 1260.  What were the two open pages?

I have not drafted these questions, I have found them on the way of challenging my children/students. But, yes I can surely say that I have hand picked them from various useful resources.

These questions are suitable for upper primary – lower secondary students.


Answer Sheet – If your initial try does not give you the same answer as below, give it another fresh try/tries. Feel free to reach out to us if your several fresh trials were not useful and you need a crisp clue to start fresh on this journey of thinking/problem solving.

  1. Think think 🙂 there are only 3 women.
  2. 9 games
  3. empty bottle – 5 cents, lemonade – 35 cents

Creativity kills time 😉

We wanted to have every question created in such formats but due to lack of time, we have just typed everything simply. We might get more hands to do full justice with our creativity part.

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