75th Independence Day, India

Happy 75th Independence Day, India.

This year, to celebrate the event, Maths2art explored the use of mathematical functions and relations, collaborated with the students and recreated the fluttering flag of India using Math equations.

click on the image to see fluttering flag in action!

Sahil Bhargava, a graduate from UWCSEA East took up this challenge and converted Maths to Art via Desmos.

Description :

This time around Sahil used a foray of more advanced functions.

He used (trigonometric functions) for the the shape of the flag, (parametric equations) for the fluttering movements of the chakra and (polygons) for the shapes of the twenty four spokes in the chakra.

This animated design used a complex integration of variables, starting from the wind variable which when looped (translated) the trignometric functions in the x-axis back and forth in a (sinusoidal) fashion to give the illusion of fluttering. The shading was done through opaque shapes on top of the flag, which also translated in sync with the flag to give the illusion of a fluttering three dimensional flag. The parametric equations were used to map the circular chakra to the sinusoidal distortion of the fluttering flag. The wind function was passed through each of these shapes to ensure that fluttered in sync.

Finally Java came to Sahil’s aid again; he used it to calculate the exact coordinates of the polygon shapes saving him hours of tedious trignometric calculations.

Together, we are making Maths Simple & Visual!

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