y = mx + c Maths2Art projects

You know Maths, you know Art - we are going to combine these 2 fields in these projects. Once you have visual understanding of y = mx + c, you can change the slope/intercept of line as per the need of your project. Wish you guys Joy of Learning! If you have thoroughly enjoyed creating... Continue Reading →

Math Playground

How many children struggle with Maths because of the lack of a solid numerical efficiency? When a child is not confident about his/her mental calculations, it affects his/her overall engagement with Maths Learning. It hampers the comfort level with Maths learning.To help solve this problem, we are planning to run Maths Tournament once a Month.... Continue Reading →

y = mx + c workshop

Can you write your name using this equation? To ignite curiosity, encourage creativity & nurture intuition of our younger generation , Maths2Art has designed a 2 days introductory workshop. Come and join us for visual understanding and hands on experience of y = mx + c using desmos! Suitable for - Grade 8 onwards Requirements... Continue Reading →

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