NDP 2021, Singapore

Happy 56th National Day, Singapore. This year, to celebrate the event, Maths2art explored the use of mathematical functions and relations, collaborated with the students and recreated the official NDP 2021 logo. Click on the logo to see the maths equations behind the scenes. Sahil Bhargava, a graduate from UWCSEA East took up this challenge and... Continue Reading →

y = mx + c Maths2Art projects

You know Maths, you know Art - we are going to combine these 2 fields in these projects. Once you have visual understanding of y = mx + c, you can change the slope/intercept of line as per the need of your project. Wish you guys Joy of Learning! If you have thoroughly enjoyed creating... Continue Reading →

Have you ever followed a Fly?

Most students learn about Co-ordinate geometry in Grade 7 or Grade 8 and this is how we usually introduce this topic to them: We draw two perpendicular lines on the graph, name the intersection point as 'origin' and introduce x & y coordinates to represent any point on the plane. Then, we tell them the... Continue Reading →

About Maths2Art.

Maths2Art is a ‘social startup’ which believes in making Maths Simple & Visual. Maths2Art is not a tuition centre, it is a centre for Guided Discovery.​ ​We proudly train our students for self study! There is a lot of pain and anxiety associated with Maths education which creates stress for students/parents. At Maths2Art, we focus... Continue Reading →


We, at Maths2art, are extremely happy to share the details of our new dimension: GivingBack @Maths2Art. What is GivingBack@Maths2Art ? With the support of a few parents from the Maths2Art family, we have started our first 'giving back' project at Serkong School, Spiti, India. I am very thankful to the parents who believed in me and... Continue Reading →

Target 10 in Addition

This is a post for grade 2 students. I am sure that you must have learnt addition by now. I am going to train you for a smarter addition skill. The aim is to make addition 'simple & visual' for you. Let's take a look at an example 8 + 4          ... Continue Reading →

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