We, at Maths2art, are extremely happy to share the details of our new dimension:

GivingBack @Maths2Art.

What is GivingBack@Maths2Art ?

With the support of a few parents from the Maths2Art family, we have started our first ‘giving back’ project at Serkong School, Spiti, India.

I am very thankful to the parents who believed in me and supported Maths2Art in this new dimension.

How did it start ?

The idea sprouted when we encountered a few parents who could not pay Maths2art fees due to various reasons. I did not want any motivated student to miss out on the ‘joy of learning’ experience just because of the fees. And, free sessions were not something that these parents were looking for. I was in a moral/business quandary for over a year. I was looking for a solution so that:

  • I could continue mentoring these motivated children.
  • Parents would not feel indebted and would have some option to pay back in a comfortable way.

How did it take shape ?

I mulled over the thought for a year. Finally, mathematical problem solving skill came to the rescue. We got an inspiration from our interesting & imaginary complex number system and we added a new dimension to our existing system of fee payment : GivingBack@Maths2Art – Parents can pay Maths2Art fee as per their capacity to the Giving Back fund which would be utilised to help in the education of needy children.

After a successful trial with one enthusiastic parent, I discussed this idea with other parents who were in a similar boat. Everybody agreed to this approach wholeheartedly. Together, we narrowed down on Serkong school and made our first contribution to the school recently.

 What are our future plans?

We have promised ourselves to:

  1. Sponsor education for needy children at Serkong.
  2. Support school financially to improve the facilities.
  3. Conduct Guided Discovery workshops for teachers/students.

Moving ahead, we would surely love to connect with more schools and touch many more lives. We do have a few plans in mind and we are equally open for constructive suggestions.

I am sure you all will agree that a good all-round education (scientific + moral & spiritual) is the best gift we can possibly give a child. There are a multitude of challenges at the school, owing to its remoteness, weather and limited availability of resources and hence no contribution is too small.

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