Maths2Art is 3 !!!

It gives me immense joy that today, Maths2Art is known as ‘a centre for guided discovery’ where students develop genuine interest in the subject via stories, drawings & discussions and experience the ‘joy of learning’. We proudly train our students for self-study. There is a lot of stress and anxiety associated with Maths. At Maths2Art,... Continue Reading →

Ask ‘WHY’

Today, I noticed a very interesting picture in a grade 4 student's notebook. And, the description of the picture was even more interesting : A dinosaur head and a dinosaur egg in a multiple digit multiplication problem. Me - Why do you put a zero in the second row of multiplication? Student - This is... Continue Reading →

Linear transformations vs. Matrix

Can you visualize linear transformation vs. matrix? We studied matrices in grade 12 and most of us mastered the basic calculation methods quite easily. We moved on to higher grades and used matrices wherever required. However, many of us missed out on getting the visual understanding of matrices. With so much happening in the field... Continue Reading →

Target 10 in Addition

This is a post for grade 2 students. I am sure that you must have learnt addition by now. I am going to train you for a smarter addition skill. The aim is to make addition 'simple & visual' for you. Let's take a look at an example 8 + 4          ... Continue Reading →

Functions are all around us!

I recently had a very interesting discussion with my student on topic "Function". She was not able to appreciate the significance and usage of "Function". We tried to connect it to our daily life and after the discussion, she was much comfortable with the topic. We addressed following questions during our discussion. What is F(x)?... Continue Reading →

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