A fun way to develop interest in Algebra!

Me – Algebra can help me to find out how many brothers and sisters do you have.

Student – How is that possible ? If I don’t tell you about my brothers & sisters, how can Algebra help you?

Me – That is the beauty of maths dear!! Ok, lets try it out.

Student – Ok.

Me – Please follow these 8 steps with me.

1. Think of the number of brothers you have.

2. Add 2 to this number.

3. Now multiply by 2

4. Now add 1

5. Now multiply by 5

6. Now add the number of Sisters you have

7. Now subtract 25 from it

8. Thats all. You must have got a 2 digit number. First digit is the number of brothers and the second digit is the number of sisters you have.

Student – Amazing !! How did you do that? I, too want to master Algebra.

Me – Sure. Here is the algebra behind this puzzle.

1. B
2. B + 2
3. 2B + 4
4. 2B + 5
5. 10B +25
6. 10B + 25 + S
7. 10B + S
8. Here you go !!

Student – Thank you teacher. I will also try to make puzzles using Algebra now.

Me – Well done !! To make it more challenging, think of a situation where the number of brothers and sisters, both are more than 10.

Making Maths Simple & Visual !

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