Our Values

To learn anything, the first and most essential factor is interest in that area. We develop our students’ interest in Maths by making it SIMPLE & VISUAL. Let us walk you through our Ethics @Maths2Art.

Self Study vs. Tuition

If you have to choose between “teaching a child how to walk” and “passing him/her a pair of crutches”, what would you choose? I am sure, all of us would choose to teach them “how to walk”.
We are doing exactly the same! We don’t want to be our students’ crutches. We love to teach them ” how to learn”.
We proudly train our students for self study @Maths2Art !

Grade Chasing vs. Joy of Learning

We are not trying to just chase higher grades. Rather, we strive for an amazing learning experience. We love to convert the “Huh?” moments into “Aha!” moments.

Good grades follow automatically as a byproduct of real learning @Maths2Art.

Even the medals have chased us on this path of joy of learning 🙂 – Our few students have grabbed Gold,silver & bronze in national olympiad exams (SASMO, AMO, APMOPS, AMC)See it!

We help students “see” Maths around them

We help them visualise Maths using real-world examples. Once they are able to see Maths around them, they develop interest in the subject. Through this interest they experience the joy of learning which in turn drives them on the path of self study.
We proudly make Maths Simple & Visual @Maths2Art.

We provide “free” sessions to needy students

We select students based on Merit & Financial background check-up.

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