“I can never do Maths” is just a Myth!

Thank you Hatice Toprak Yong for sharing with me this cute & sincere letter written by your daughter and my student Miray ! I am happy & humbled to receive such a beautiful feedback by a primary 3 student.

Miray, you have made us all believe that “I am not good at Maths” is just a myth. We all can do it and ‘see’ Maths all around us.

I sincerely wish that more children come out of the Math anxiety zone and experience the Joy of Learning.

Here’s what Miray’s mother has written:

Hi we found Priya just right in time. My daughter did not enjoy the maths before and subject was going very fast in P3 , she gave my daughter confidence and with her gentle teaching , my daughter excelled and passed her test with good marks . Most importantly she steers children towards self studying. Here is a letter written by my daughter . Thank you teacher Priya .

And here’s what Miray has written:



At first I thought “I can never do Maths” And one day, my mother, my father and I met Teacher Priya. She said everything that I needed to know. Teacher Priya said I could improve in my Maths in a week ! I was surprised. I thought to myself “This would never work for me”. But I said ‘Yes’ to try it out.

The first time I went to Teacher Priya’s place, I enjoyed myself. It was very fun working with Teacher Priya. Teacher Priya will always encourage you to Maths. She will tell you the right ways to do maths. 

Finally I got the in the middle of the year exam paper’s back. I did not pass for Maths. I felt sad but teacher Priya said that we have another chance in SA2.

We practiced and practiced until my hands got tired but we practiced in a fun way. When I made mistakes, I learn them again. It was finally the time for my SA2.

I did my SA2 knowing what I was doing. It was easy. The day I got my SA2 paper back I could not dare to look but then I found out I was ……. 2 TOP in class ! I got a notebook from my teacher in school. I got 55 & 1/2 out of 80!

The next day I did a Maths Quiz and I got 4 out of 6 and I was the one going up on stage reciving the prize from the principle. I was so proud ! A lot of thanks to teacher Priya!

by: Miray, Haig girls school

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