I am now able to connect everyday things to help my maths.

Love letters don’t have any fixed format and this time, one of my love letter looks like this. Thank you very much Iona for taking out time and putting together all these points so nicely.

You guys are the true Ambassadors of Maths2Art.

Iona is a grade 10 student, studying at UWCSEA school. She joined Maths2Art last year. In next few weeks, her family will be relocating to another country. Before going, she gave me this beautiful piece of paper. It means a lot to me Iona.


Here’s what Iona has written

Dear everyone at maths2art,

Maths2art has helped me not only become better at maths, but has made me appreciate the ‘art’ behind maths. Before doing maths2art, I struggled to find ways to make problems easy by connecting maths to life, however with the help of Priya I am now able to connect everyday things to help my maths. For example, when I was struggling with functions, Priya told me stories of ‘tomatoes’ and ‘blenders’ , to help me understand it better.

I really enjoy reading Priya’s stories and hearing of new things she is doing every week not only to help her students but everyone. It has really motivated me to try harder. Priya unlike any other maths centre I’ve heard of really strives for self study and encourages you so that you feel confident without her. It reminds me of the quote ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Thank you, 


Grade10, UWCSEA school


Iona, I am so proud of you for the journey you have covered. I sincerely wish that more children come out of their Math struggle and connect this beautiful and useful subject to everyday things around them just like you.

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