From Supergirl Dhruti to Priya Aunty!

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Dhruti joined Maths2Art around a year back. I still remember her back then – the sheer hatred for Math, the clear disinterest in learning, the usual “I am not good at it” notion. 

She had somehow decided that Math was not for her and she could never be good at it.

This is how her notebook looked like.

I noticed that she had a hobby – sketching designer models. I praised her drawings and saw her brighten up. I assured her that at Maths2Art, I wholeheartedly supported such creative hobbies and she could manage her interests very well once she took charge of her studies. I shared the story of fashion designer Dr Mark Liu with her and she was amazed to see how Maths can be used for fashion designing.

We started working together.

I explained her Math concepts in my usual “simple and visual” style to ignite her curiosity, encourage her creativity and nurture her intuition.

She slowly started asking more questions. She made mistakes, she stumbled, she even performed poorly, but she didn’t give up. She slowly started to regain the faith that she too could be good at Maths. She realised that she too could understand Math concepts.

And then, I started to see progress! I could see an amazing positive transformation in her. Her outlook towards learning had completely changed !

This is how her notebook looks like now.

She has marked her working herself and found out her mistake as well. (take a look at second worksheet)

To identify your own mistakes is the most crucial part of any learning journey!

She is a self-learner now.

Using her self-learning skill, she gave me a new surprise. She made a ‘Thank you” video using a website called Powtoon.

Initially, she made a video using an app called ‘Episodes’. However I was not able to view it without downloading the app. So she looked out for better ways to create such animation videos, she stumbled upon Powtoon and found it quite cool.

This is the beautiful output of  her summer holiday self-learning project. She learnt this animation skill on her own! Dhruti, you make me proud!


Here is the script of the animation

Hello !

I am one of Priya Aunty’s students, Dhruti!

I’m 12 years old and I believe that Priya Aunty is one of the best teachers in the world!

I begged my mom to not send me to any maths tuition cuz I hate math. I just don’t understand it….

I can’t believe I met someone as great as Priya Aunty!

I was so shy on the first day I got here.

I thought she would scold me a lot cuz I ain’t good at Maths and all….

But soon enough (the first day lol) I began to like her so much !! I went home the first day and told my mom how amazing she is at teaching.

I can’t really say she teaches us But she definitely does pester us until we finish and go home 🙂 ( I know she agrees about that too Lol) 

She is the best math teacher I have ever had.

At Maths2Art, I mentor my students to be self learners, rational thinkers and creative artists.

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