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Founder & Coach


Meet our founder & coach, Priya Asthana. She is on a mission to Make Maths Simple & Visual. She has done ‘Masters in Mathematics ‘ from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. Before starting Maths2Art, she has worked with Investment banks in London, India and Singapore for nearly 6 years.

She loves to train her students for self study. She believes in Guided Discovery way of teaching where teacher is supposed to put few stepping stones and students need to stretch themselves to cover the journey via those stepping stones.

She loves making Maths stories as per the taste of her students. These stories help a lot in igniting the curiosity to learn more about the topic. As per our founder & coach , “It needs a lot of creativity & imagination to make the perfect Maths Stories which can develop the desire for learning.”

She motivates her students to ask lot of ‘Why’. She tells  her students, ” Dont just accept the concepts, understand them. ” Math is not to be accepted. It is to be understood.



Meet our editor, Prafulla. She is the backbone of all our articles.

An engineering graduate, Prafulla has a flair for languages. She understands our scattered thoughts and connects them so beautifully that all the articles get a new shape.

It’s her hard work and amazing editing skills that make Maths2art articles look so simple & visual. She is a multi-faceted person. Other than being an amazing editor, she is a fitness trainer and singer as well.


Literary Artist

2018-07-06-12-57-15-196Sasevardhni , our literary Artist, is certified in Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology of English Language. She acquired Masters in English Literature from India and has done a research project on Partition Literature as well. A former Literature teacher, Sase loves writing poems, articles, essays and short stories, and has published some of her works online.

Sase is our Creative content creator. She adds in her creativity and expertise in Literature to our Math Literature project.


Creative Designer

IMG_3340Radhika Agrawal, our Creative designer, is currently pursuing her MA in Visual Communications at Royal college of Art, London. She has completed a Diploma in Graphic Communication from NAFA, Singapore.

She adds in her creativity and art to make Maths2art articles look colourful and interactive. Radhika has a great knack for painting, sketching and poetry as well.

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