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I don’t like to see children burdened by maths anxiety, poor grades and all unnecessary negativity. Life has many more bigger problems. Maths should not be such a troublemaker in anyone’s life.  I meet children who have scored less than 20% or 30% in 2 or 3 consecutive tests and I really don’t like the way they feel about themselves – worthless, good for nothing, and many more hopeless thoughts. I want to change that feeling. 

Sometimes, I even meet children who have been scoring above 80% but still they feel a discomfort while they are doing Maths. 

My aim is to eliminate this Math Anxiety. We, at Maths2Art firmly believe that the essence of Maths is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple.

This collection of worksheets (accessible to all) is my humble attempt to break down this humongous problem of Math Anxiety into bite sized action items. I would love to see children taking responsibility of their learning and planning it like a boss. The aim is to develop a community of self learners, resilient and courageous students who do not run away from any struggle.

Wish all  children joy of learning!

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