Our Services

Self Study Training

We love to teach them ‘How to learn’. We proudly train our students for self study @Maths2Art.


Joy of Learning

We love to convert ‘Huh’ moments into ‘Aha’ moments @ Maths2Art. We do not trade with grades, we deal with joy of learning.


Olympiad Training

We help students in preparing for various olympiads.


Lets talk about Math

A Math workshop without ‘pen and paper’.

I invite children to come and talk about Maths History, Maths anxieties, Maths fears, Maths confusions, Maths aha moments, Math discoveries and their uses all around them.

I strongly feel that we have lost the human aspect of Math during our way of teaching mathematics. Children don’t get any clue about the sequence of the math discoveries or the thinking process behind these discoveries. We need to tell them the process how these math discoveries were made by human beings like us.

These kind of exploration will ignite their curiosity, encourage their creativity and nurture their intuition.


Parents Workshop

Maths2Art has come up with  a workshop for parents so that they can guide their children in the best possible way.


Teachers Workshop

Teachers, who are interested in our method of teaching Maths , are most welcome to come and join our teachers workshops.




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