Ask ‘WHY’

Today, I noticed a very interesting picture in a grade 4 student's notebook. And, the description of the picture was even more interesting : A dinosaur head and a dinosaur egg in a multiple digit multiplication problem. Me - Why do you put a zero in the second row of multiplication? Student - This is... Continue Reading →

Time for Times Tables

This is a post for Grade 2 students. I am sure that you must have learnt addition & subtraction by now. Now, it is time for times tables. My aim is to make times tables (multiplication) ‘simple & visual’ for you.  What is multiplication? Me : Does the sign of multiplication (×) look similar to the sign of addition... Continue Reading →

Multiplication Trivia!

Sometimes, trivial questions lead to in-depth understanding of the subject. A few days back, one of my Primary 4 students asked a Multiplication Trivia. 33 × 22 ======= 66 660 ⬅ ======== Why do we put a zero in the second row of multiplication ? I was very happy with the fact that my students... Continue Reading →

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